Your Heart is Important

Looking for fun ways to keep your heart healthy? Exercise, eat and think right.

For exercise, when was the last time you jumped rope?

It's easy, just grab a rope and jump it. For at least 15 consecutive minutes. Your brain needs oxygen to think well, and your heart needs oxygen to feel well. This is why smoking isn't good on so many levels; it breaks down the process where red blood cells transport oxygen to other cells.

No need to get all professional about jumping rope like these guys, but their hearts sure look healthy:


(screen capture from pinterest some months ago, sorry, no idea who posted it)

Recipe: Thai Red Chili

Cut a piece of tempeh (fermented soybeans, kinda like tofu but nuttier) into finger-sized pieces. Dry-fry (no oil) in hot wok and set aside. (Use vegetable broth if it sticks. Use a non-stick wok, make it hot enough and it won't.)

Chop one red onion and glaze it in the wok.

From your freezer, grab a cup each of broccoli florets, sugar snaps peas, green peas, and edamame beans and heat through. You can also use fresh, obviously, but I like the fast option. Hey, add carrots while you're at it.

Stir in thai red curry paste and deglaze with a can of coconut milk. We like it quite spicy (2 heaped tea spoons) and use the light milk version, but you might have to play with it.

Serve over jasmine white rice or soba noodles.

For a sweet kick, add cherry tomatos and fresh basil strips.


Acknowledge your emotions. Take time to reflect on them throughout the day.Emotional intelligence is not about controlling, avoiding, or ignoring emotions, it's about being aware of them and not letting them take over.

"Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways." Sigmund Freud

Especially when you're stressed, remember to breathe deeply. Counting to ten sometimes works, or opening a window. When you're in a stressful conversation, take a 10-minute walk around the block to clear the air. Time-outs work for adults, too.