Your health

Last week we looked at the different areas that make up your life. You may not usually think about them at length, so the exercise might have helped you identify all those different balls you're juggling in the air, and which of them are slipping out of your grasp.

I'd like to look at the one that our client wants to improve this week, his health. He's already taking care of the "general requirements", as we might call them. He doesn't smoke, he limits his alcohol consumption to a glass of wine (and maybe a few beers, but only on the weekend when he's out with his mates), he takes the stairs at work and goes to play squash once a week. His diet is balanced; his wife is preparing healthy breakfasts and dinners, and he found out by trial and error that choosing sensible lunch portions at the office cafeteria actually makes him feel less sluggish and more alert in the afternoons. Nonetheless, the client complains about a general feeling of dis-ease and nervousness.

As stated in the disclaimer, a coach is not in a position to prescribe medicine or diagnose illnesses. However, in talking with the coach the client did uncover that his last check-up with the general physician is overdue. Also, he's not been to the dentist in a while, and daily flossing before bed, sadly, has given way to a last-minute checking of the basketball scores. The coach also inquired about stress levels, and the client conceded that he hasn't been sleeping well and is always anxious driving to work. In the following conversations, the client establishes strategies how to lower his anxiety and limit the stress.

When was your last check-up? Are you maybe in an age-range that warrants regular checks for cancer, like mammograms or prostate exams? There are many things you can do to prevent major health risk factors, and seeing your physicians on a regular basis is only one of them. As Dr. Oz points out, even things like driving with your seatbelt on and adhering to speed limits influences the stress your body perceives. I invite you this week to take an inventory of your body. Where does it hurt? Which bits are uncomfortable? Talk to your physician about what you can do every day in order to stay well. Take the time to figure it out and get healthy; all the other areas in your life will benefit as a result.

Til next time!

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