Wheel of Life

Though our lifestyles may differ, it is fair to say that every person's life comprises a variety of areas. These include health, romantic relationships, career, personal development, spirituality, family and friends, physical environment, to name a few. I'm not quite sure of its origin, but you may have come across a "Wheel of Life" exercise, where you decide which areas of your life are most important to you, and how your satisfaction rates in each area. The following is an example, where the client has identified eight areas, of which his "health" and "career" are the ones he would like to improve.

I believe that genuine satisfaction and happiness can be found once all areas are perceived to be in balance. In this example, the client enjoys a trouble-free relationship, finds joy in his family and friends, is at peace with his spirituality, and lives in a comfortable home environment. He is not satisfied when it comes to his health and his career, and in his mind he could do with a little more free time. He would therefore benefit from a coaching process that helps him achieve a similar level of satisfaction in all areas, without losing ground in the ones he's already happy with.

I invite you this week to think about which areas are important in your life, and which ones you might wish to work on. You may also want to modify the wheel and fill it, for example, with important people in your life and how satisfied you are with your relationships with them.

Til next time!

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