What's in your toolbox?

20121224-203513.jpg I love the hammer quote. It reminds me to stay open and try not to jump to conclusions. I'm learning a lot about it just by listening to Kahneman's audiobook, "Thinking Fast and Slow". Fascinating how much we think we're in charge and conscious, when really it's numerous automatic functions in "System 1" running the show.

I also love the quote for the variety of options it implies. Coaching taught me differentiated thinking and asking questions in a way that gently gets to the source of the issue. There are often more than one solution to approach a situation, you just have to look for them.

It could be an indication of my Intuiting preference that I prefer having a choice, or perhaps a freedom-loving SP temperament shining through. But I do love the Generalist role, and knowing a little bit about many things. Eating at a buffet, trying all those good-looking dishes.

Now, should you grab a chainsaw without learning the basics? Hell no. Even though it's possibly the most powerful one, it's just another tool.

Use 'em wisely.