What to Expect When You're an Expat

Free eBook CoversI'd love to get your feedback on my writing, can you help me out? Apart from this blog and the occasional article (like this one on Type dichotomies, or this one on how to use culture knowledge in the real estate market), I've been trying my hand at eBooks - like the ones you can sign up for on the right.

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Getting Your Point Across Cultures takes a quick look at different communication styles and how you can flex your behavior to suit each style.

What to Expect When You're an Expat describes Maslow's levels across his hierarchy of needs framework and relates it to different stages along the expat journey. I've posted blogs about this very topic last week, and in this ebook you'll find links to more resources and coaching questions for each stage to help you find your own answers.

When you flick through them, please drop me a line to let me know if they're helpful or where I can improve them. I'd be ever so grateful. :-)