What Others are Saying About Me

David Sullivan, July 18, 2012I so much enjoyed your presentation last night! I learned a lot of new things, discovered new areas for further investigation, identified two new books that are "must buys", and got to laugh and have fun as well! Your ability to engage the audience and to respond to complex questions also added much to the educational experience! I have worked for more than 15 years for international companies so I know first-hand how your research will help individuals similarly employed be even more effective in their work lives. I have done much work over the years in leadership development and your Cultural Self-Awareness Toolkit would have been a real asset in helping managers under my purview to better interpret behavior and intentions of their cross-cultural direct reports, peers, and bosses. The kit can help build wisdom which was always a key goal for my development programs.

Sricharanya Thiagarajan, August 20, 2010 I am extremely grateful that Toastmasters International has a mentor- mentee program and even more thankful that I have Doris as my mentor. I have worked with Doris for more than a year. She instantly makes you feel comfortable and for a person like me who is not a native speaker of English, it gave me a lot of confidence. She has worked with me on my communication and leadership skills and during the entire time she has been extremely supportive and encouraging. She is an excellent mentor and coach and is always so motivating and inspiring. Her communication and leadership skills are exemplary. She takes personal interest in her mentees and leads by example. Her ever smiling demeanor and friendly nature is what makes her even more approachable and dependable. She really motivates you to move beyond your comfort zone while at the same time making it clear that she is there for you when you need her. I would definitely recommend her as a coach/mentor for anyone who is looking for that support in an international setting.

Smitha Day, Cultural Transitions Consultancy LLC (August) 2009 I first met Doris at the FIGT 2009 conference. Little did I know the treasure of knowledge that was going to be unfolded from that meeting. I signed up to receive her newsletter as the “name” of her company captured my attention. Upon receiving her newsletter, I was surprised by the all the knowledge it contained that I needed to know how to start my own consultancy. After much back and forth correspondence with Doris regarding questions on starting a business, I explored the opportunity to officially consult with Doris. Doris made a generous offer recognizing where I was financially. I walked away from every session more passionate about my consultancy, more clear about how to make it happen, and more equipped with specific tools to creating a solid foundation for the business. The tools included business steps to build the business as well as tips on maneuvering around the psychological road blocks. As we began to approach our final sessions, Doris connected me with the support systems I would need to continue growing my business. Doris has the passion to see people’s dreams/visions fulfilled. She has the skill, talent and experience to decipher what it is that the particular individuals need to build their life’s dreams. Most importantly she is compassionate, empathetic, structured, brilliant and a devoted coach. I am honored and grateful to have had the expertise of Doris Fuellgrabe.

Deniz Demirors, May 12, 2009 As a participant of FIGT 2009 conference is Houston, I have seen Doris in action when she presented her session "How to Start Your Own Business" as well as her interactions with many other participants. She is very determined and passionate about serving expats and shares her experience and background with them in a way that will help them to focus on the positives and mitigate the impact of negatives in a more effective way. She has great empathy and listening skills that helps her to get connected with people very easy and fast. As a ex-trailing spouse and HR professional in global mobility area, I would recommend Doris to any company with full confidence and also any expat or expat to be.

Steve Miller, USA, April 2008 My experience with Doris as my coach was superb, and I am thrilled to recommend her coaching skills to anyone. Doris helped do more than just set and meet goals, she helped me realize what my underlying motivations were. For instance, I learned to identify what makes me more productive and what does not. And combining that with some great “getting-things-done” tools, and such encouraging accountability, I completed my goals, and can now apply these life skills to new goals, new jobs, and new stages of life. I’m much more productive in real, on-paper ways that makes me proud of myself, and I owe that to working with Doris.