What happens between the slides

Pic credit: ddpavumba

Pic credit: ddpavumba

I've decided I'm going to stop worrying about making my presentation slides look super pretty.


Because it's never about the slides, not even the information on them. It's about facilitating an environment where learning can happen. 

In all my trainings with groups of adults the most salient insights usually show up:

  • during informal chit-chat
  • while on break 
  • exploring side tangents
  • discussing in small groups

Adult learning is a funny business - it's all about the experience. 

Games, case studies, role plays, or demos yield better results than a one-sided monologue. Yes, theory is necessary to explain the underpinnings and create a framework that the participants can fill with their own experiences. No, I wouldn't squeeze 12-point font into 16 rows in one text box anyway. But at the end of the day, every program has to answer only one question: 

"How can I apply this to improve my situation?"