What did we learn this week?

I learned that there's always going to be that one more book I feel I should read, and that it's really difficult to research the coaching profession online. I think that's because a) there's no one place where all of us are registered, and b) many of us are also trainers, speakers, authors, managers, consultants, therapists, or experts in a specific field. Googling the term "life coach" spits out over 8.5 million websites, including schools, information on certifications, and then millions of individuals' websites that coaches have set up for their business. That's a lot of information!

Another thing I've learned, or rather re-learned, is basic accounting. Of course I had seen balance sheets, cash flow and income statements before, but I successfully repressed them. Why am I revisiting it? Because I'm starting my own business. Obviously, the easy cop-out would be to hire an accountant, which I'm sure I'll look into once my practice is up and gaining momentum, but it can't hurt to know what things are and where they go while I start.

I also learned that writing a business plan is not as easy as I thought, that I should not keep a quart of ice-cream in the house, nor eat a whole bag of popcorn on my own before bed, and that it's ok to trust my instinct about movies: I didn't think Atonement was worth seeing in the cinema, so I'm glad I only paid four bucks for the rental. (Tangent: is that a self-fulfilling prophecy? Would I have enjoyed the movie had I thought it was going to be great? Probably not. I didn't like The Gladiator when I first saw it, and went back to see it again because EVerybody and their mother raved about it. Me? Still didn't get it, to put it politely. Oh, on the other hand, I had not expected to like The Love Guru as much as I did - Mike Myers, everyone. Fu-nny.)

One last thing I learned, but no less important, is where the post office is (and to read package delivery slips carefully: if they tick the box "Apt office" that's below the "Post office, directions overleaf" box, that means you don't have to drive 10 miles for nothing, you just go to the front desk of your apartment complex).

What have you learned this week? What happened that frustrated you, that you thought was a waste of time and effort, that you didn't enjoy doing at the time, but now looking back on it you know something you wouldn't have known had everything gone smoothly?

The glass IS half full, if you let it. :-)

Til next time, have a good one!

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