Unplug is not only the title of a very informative and interesting series of educational videos by ICT leader Ericsson, it's also what I've been doing for a few weeks while on vacation. Here's why I highly recommend it:

1. Who in their right mind would rather spend time looking at a screen when they could look at this view? Connect with nature! Granted, the picture isn't as focused as it could be, but then again - no picture can do this tranquil and picturesque mountainside justice, with the birds chirping and the neighbor's dog barking down the road.

View from Santa Brigida
View from Santa Brigida

If the beach is more your thing, I've got pictures of that, too. Next post. ;-)

2. Reconnect with your calmer self. Remember that space in your soul ca. 1995 when you didn't feel anxious about missed tweets or facebook updates? You were still in the loop with people you cared about - because either they dropped by for dinner or you spoke on the phone. Was the world really running less effectively then than it is now? How is staying up-to-date with all the news today helping you change things?

3. Real life allows new ideas to form, thoughts and feelings to pop up and be acknowledged, that then can be shared in your virtual life. Like I'm doing now. So... what's my point? Take a break from the virtual! A loooonger one than the usual couple hours! One that actually gives you time to breathe it all in, reflect on what's happening, the kind of person you are and who you want to be. Feel into the moment without wondering how to word it in 140 characters or less.

Happy unplugging!

Image by Brad K, Flickr, Creative Commons License