Type and Relationships

Have you ever consciously thought about how you show your loved ones that you care? Or what it is that makes you feel loved and appreciated? Awareness around these details will enable you to build relationships you'll want to stay in, as well as help you move through challenging situations much faster. One year ago this month I participated in Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh's webinar "Relationships and Type - Caring, Conflict, and Meaning." The workshop came at just the right time to help me figure out what it is that I value in a romantic relationship, and how our Type preferences influence our behavior. We all like to be the victim and point the finger at the other person sometimes, but let me tell you, there's nothing more effective than looking in the mirror. The lessons I've learned in this workshop still serve me today in all my relationships, including the ones at work, at Toastmasters, and with friends and family.

As a person with Extraverted preferences, I will always enjoy an in-person meeting more than an online one. Since I have already had experience with an online coaching workshop, however, I knew that what I'd get out of the experience would be directly proportional to what I put in. Elizabeth and Katherine created a safe online learning environment where all participants shared their different view points and talked about their relationships freely. It is the variety and diversity of the group that made the experience so worthwhile.

Every topic was examined through the Type lense, naturally, and the forum offered a lot of opportunity to comment, ask clarifying questions, offer support, and yes - my all-time favorite - find that we're not crazy or weird or alone, just different. :-) Combined with strategies and helpful tips on how to be more mindful of other people's Type, I recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to improve their relationships. Even, including, and especially the one you have with yourself.

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