Third Culture Kids Resources

Following a great article that Maria Foley, aka @IWasAnExpatWife, shared on Twitter, I found some more of her writing on TCKs. At the same time, someone asked me about TCK resources, so below for your reading pleasure, a collection of links: Ruth van Reken and David C Pollock wrote TCK World, and FIGT has a scholarship in his honor. She started it, and I met her, she's awesome.

Wikipedia's entry - don't judge, I love it, with a list of 20+ more resources and links.

TCKs require Care and Support during the Repatriation Process - by Maria Foley

The negative side of growing up abroad as a TCK - by Maria Foley

The positives of growing up abroad as a TCK - by Maria Foley

Expat Life effects on TCKs - by Maria Foley

Brats - Our Journey Home - by Donna Musil, especially for military "brats." Another one I met at FIGt and fell in like with. Find her groups on Facebook to join the conversation.

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