The Peach and The Coconut

New year (in my life, anyway), new webhost, new integrated blog - new format! Inspired by my twitter friends @hyperlinked and @barefoot_exec to give it a whirl, below please find my first attempt at video-blogging. In essence, this is me hitting the "record" button on the iMac's Photobooth application, one take, sans script. Allow me to preface by saying the concept of the peach and the coconut has been attributed to the work of Kurt Lewin and I've most recently learned it again as one of the cultural dimensions explained in THT's Riding the Waves of Culture.

With no claim to completeness whatsoever, and bearing in mind I'm obviously generalizing, enjoy at your own risk:

Til next week, have a fruity one! ;-)

Oh, and the joke-potential is endless, I know. Let 'em rip!

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