The one thing that does not get easier with practice

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is saying good-bye.  

Whether you're an expat moving internationally, or a student going to school in a different part of the country: every single one of us has had to say good-bye. Even those who have lived their whole lives in one place, like our parents, for example. They've also had to say good-bye - to us. Many times over, after every visit.  

My husband and I have lived in North Dallas since 2007. This is the longest we've been in one place as adults. Now that we're moving to New York, I'm once again reminded of the power of connection and community. Some friends and colleagues in Dallas have been kind to say we'll leave a hole. Other friends in New York have been kind to say they're excited about our imminent arrival.

We're in the middle feeling blessed... and wistful.

Most of our household goods are gone, as we decided to travel lightly. Do over. Blank slate. Saying good-bye to things is easier than saying good-bye to people, I find.

Lucky our hearts expand to accommodate as many people as necessary, both in person and in memory.