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Step 8 - Living healthily

Picture credit: seligr I've equated this step with "lose weight" for the longest time. No matter how many times I'd hear, "it's not the numbers on the scale", I still want to lose 10 lbs. More recently I've mellowed out on that and stay in the 5 lb range. ;-)

Hubby and I have been following the fat-free vegan whole foods plant-based diet for over a year now.

My family thinks we're nuts. Especially my brother thinks that his daily meat is a biological necessity, and there are many proponents of e.g. the Paleo diet who would probably agree.

We don't care. For now, it feels good to eat organic, and lab results don't indicate any malnutrition. On the contrary - our blood sugar and cholesterol levels are in the super healthy range, which has not always been the case for me. Hubby's lost weight, his back and knees don't hurt anymore, and his headaches are virtually gone as well. Same here.

Now if only I could get into a more regular exercise regime...

Mens sana in corpore sanum.

A healthy or sound mind lives in a healthy body.

Some philosophers think our minds are separate from our bodies, but I tend to believe we're all one system. A well-taken care of body makes it easier to think happy thoughts and vice versa. That means everything we consume matters, and not just through food and drink. Think of all the chemicals in your soaps, shampoos, and lotions, as well as TV shows, video games, and graphic novels you consume. What imprints are they leaving on - and under - your skin?

I'm always cautious when writing about health, because obviously I'm not a physician. I encourage you to visit different nutrition and exercise websites to make up your own mind. What fits in your schedule? What's realistically doable? And then please please please consult with a professional before you make any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle.



Introverted Thinking Ti

Ti doodle You're using introverted Thinking or Ti when you're deeply analyzing something. When you're precisely naming and categorizing thoughts and ideas. When you're thinking in models, frameworks, and principles. When you're reaching conclusions while detaching yourself from outside input.

ISTP INTPPeople with Ti as their dominant function cannot not analyze. They like to know how things work, being able to precisely describe their essence, and applying logical principles.

Expats using Ti to decide on an assignment are likely to take an objective, detached point-of-view. They are able to appreciate the complexity and may take time to examine the offer from multiple angles, with the aim of coming to the most accurate decision. It is helpful here to factor in emotional concerns for family members and how the relocation will affect the family system.

If Ti is in different positions in your type dynamics, below is an overview pieced together with only a few items taken from Understanding Yourself and Others, An Introduction to the Personality Type Code, by Linda V. Berens and Dario Nardi. Let me say this again to be very clear: the description of how Ti can be expressed in the different positions is not exhaustive and only meant to give you an overview. I would love to have you comment below how it shows up for you.

introverted thinking ti

If you'd like to practice your Ti skills, find an idea or a theory or a system that interests you and take it apart into tiny little pieces. Dig deep. Be objective. Until you understand how the pieces fit together and are able to extrapolate the underlying principle. Some types may find Sudoku a good exercise as well.