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Neuroscience of Type workshops in NYC

Dario Nardi, Ph.D., is an author and award-winning UCLA professor. Since 2005, he has been strapping EEG caps on his willing students to study real-time brain activity. He discovered that people with different personality type preferences use their brains in fundamentally different ways.

He's in New York today offering an afternoon and evening session hosted by the New York Chapter of the Association of Psychological Type on Monday, April 28th. You can register here

If you can't make it, buy his book, or have a look at this video:

Want to see for yourself?

I'm certified to facilitate Dario's findings on the neuroscience of Type. Fill out your own NeuroPQ inventory,

Enter your name, choose "Doris Fuellgrabe" as your facilitator, and answer 56 questions. You will be asked to provide demographic information for statistical analysis and administration purposes. 

Purchasing the Neuroscience of Type item on the right will prompt you to download a pdf describing how to book a debrief session. 



ENTP Since the ENTP got the most "likes" after I posted all type descriptions on facebook, let's take a closer look, shall we?


What you may not already know about the ENTP is that this preference pattern has a "Get-Things-Going™" Interaction Style. Dr. Berens also refers to this type as "Explorer Inventor". Their theme is "discovering new ways of seeing things and doing things. Informing and enlightening others with valuable information. Enjoy exploring ideas with others, and trust what emerges from the interactions to be what is needed to get them to the goal."*

In terms of Neuroscience of Type (Dario Nardi, PhD), ENTP-brains often show their dominant extraverted Intuiting function in the form of a "Christmas Tree" pattern. That means all brain regions are fed with energy in rapid succession and cross-referenced, enabling the Ne function to see patterns and "quickly tap into relationships across contexts".*

Do you have another Type you'd like to see featured? Leave a comment below!

*Understanding Yourself and Others, An Introduction to Interaction Styles 2.0, Linda V. Berens, PhD, Radiance House, 2008. Email me if you'd like a copy.

*Neuroscience of Personality, Dario Nardi, PhD, Radiance House, 2011