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Dream Symbol Dance

Pic credit: Clearly Ambiguous

Pic credit: Clearly Ambiguous

Are you dancing alone or with a partner?

Are you asking or being asked?

Are you watching or participating?

In general, dancing implies inner harmony and spontaneous expression of feelings.

If you're dancing alone, you may be wishing for someone to pay more attention to you.

If you see children dance, it's a sign of joy; older people dancing are an omen for successful business.



Only love can drive out hatred, only light can drive out darkness

You know I love her, and guess what, she gave a commencement address at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. :-)

Dr. Brené Brown chose three nuggets of wisdom she would have wanted to have upon her graduation:

1. Whatever you do, do not wait until you're unafraid to do something. Don't wait til you're brave. Don't wait til you're comfortable. Step into the discomfort and do it anyway. You're more ready than you think.

2. If you want other people to put value on your work, put value on your work. Period.

3. Find joy. Really find and cultivate joy in your life.

"Thank you for signing up to be the love and the light in this world."