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On Sacred Dreams

white hot truth: what's true for you?

I'm posting another writer's article today, basically because I think she rocks and would like to introduce you to her (in case you don't know her yet.) She is Danielle LaPorte of

Wonder what their dream is

Our dreams and desires define us. Be they broken, scarcely remembered, on the verge of reality, or in full bloom. They pilot our choices. Dreams have the power to shape the entire landscape of our lives. Because they tend to be so precious and potent, many people keep their dreams and aspirations to themselves.

A dream is a very sacred thing to share.

If you knew someone's dream, you might look at that person very differently…with more tenderness, more respect, more familiarity, and more wonder than before. Dream-sharing melts boundaries and it calls forth resources and commonalities.

Look at everyone you meet this week and actively think to yourself, “I wonder what their dream is?” Ask at least one person this week what their dream is. You can do it subtly, and traditionally, like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or “What did you want to be when you were growing up?” Or you can just go for it, playfully and momentously and ask, “So, like, what’s your big dream?” So many people never get asked that. And fewer are really listened to. And for those who are stumped by the question, I guarantee they'll be thinking about it for days to come. Just the asking of that question sets essential things in motion.

The guy in the cubicle next to you may be working on novel about unicorns and espionage. Your sister might be fantasizing about her own cabaret break out performance. Your postal carrier may be patenting the next great invention. Make no assumptions about your partner, your workmate, or the bus driver.

Small, mighty, seemingly impossible, or simply pure – when you know what someone’s dream is, your perspective leans toward openness. And every dream needs space to run.

Oh, my dream-stream... Inspire freedom seeking and engagement with life in a big big way for a long long time. That means my next book, White Hot Truth is a stunning success in every way possible, and I'm wearing suede boots and big gold hoops on stage and laughing "you-know-what-I'm sayin'-don'tchya?" laughs with thousands of people.

And I dream of Morocco and France and a koi pond in the back yard of my mod pre-fab house. Collecting art. Magazine coverage. I dream about communion with my man that blows both our minds. I dream of sitting 'round a fire with leaders and lovers of progress. Being able to give yeses and make phone calls that open doors and new dimensions for people.

I dream of children being taught mindfulness in school, and a movement of conscious birth choices and parenting, and technologies that heal. And I dream of invitations that humble me, and more magical connections with people who I recognize on a cellular level, and we band together to leverage change, and to support and care for each other in the way that reminds you how great it is to share space and time. And I dream of feeling more electric and sweet every single day.

But mostly, I dream of being amazed.

How 'bout you?


Well, I dream of so many things... love, passion, joy, world peace, healthy self-esteem for all, living in a society without money, making a positive difference in people's lives, being a size 10, having conversations with singers and movie stars, having time to read all the books in the world and friends and family to discuss them with, playing the piano, speaking every language on the planet fluently, traveling extensively - and very deep down, I dream of feeling truly 100 % content and rooted within myself.

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Dream Symbol Pig

Thanks again, Google Images!

Thanks again, Google Images!

What did your dream-pig look like, and what was it doing?

What was your reaction to it, how were you feeling?

We often call someone a pig if they're behaving in a stupid or greedy way. Pigs wallow in mud, make grunting noises while eating, and are easily associated with dirt and basic desires. 

Joseph Henderson in "Man and His Symbols" describes a woman's dream of "water pigs": 

These are "water pigs", unknown to her as a species. They therefore would carry the meaning of a special type of animal, one that can live in two environments, in water or on the earth. This is the universal quality of the animal as a symbol of transcendence.




Dream Symbol Wedding

Pic Credit: Katsu Nojiri

Pic Credit: Katsu Nojiri

Is it yours or someone else's?  

Are you wearing the wedding dress? Then you may be trying to sort out your feelings about your own relationship.  

Is someone else wearing the dress? Then you may be feeling insecure.  

If people are dressed in white or happy colors, it's a good sign for joy. Dark clothes - not so much. 

If the man you're wearing is old and wrinkly, you may have to prepare for illness. 




Dream Symbol Brother

Hemsworth brothers, actors.  Pic swiped from

Hemsworth brothers, actors.
 Pic swiped from

Dreaming of a brother-figure may represent rivalry and kingship at the same time.  

Is it an actual brother, or one you wish you had?  

Older or younger? 

What were you doing? 

An older brother may symbolize wisdom and experience, a younger one vulnerability and immaturity. 

Do you wish for someone to be in your corner, defend you, take your side? Do you wish to be more extraverted?  



Dream Symbol: Hand

20130518-170637.jpg Our hands show we're able to take action - or they may be bound and tied. Our hands can hold another in friendship - or be balled up in a fist as a sign of aggression. Our hands can be clean - or dirty after a wrongful deed. Our hands can free us - or we can use them to block out reality by covering our eyes, ears, mouths, noses.

What condition and position were your hands in? Who or what were they holding? Pointing at?



Dream Symbol Doors

found on Doors may represent openings in your body and therefore may relate to sexual intimacy.

What condition are the dream-doors in? Are they open or closed? Perhaps locked? A barricaded door may symbolize your need for self protection.

If someone is knocking on the door, are you letting them in or not?

Running through different doors may show you're trying to find solutions to a problem. A door connection outer and inner worlds may represent the connection between your conscious and unconscious.

If a door is missing, keep looking at your situation from different angles until you find a way.



Dream Symbol Sunday: Hearts!

heart dream symbol doodleSeeing a heart in your dream signifies the center of your being, your emotional wisdom, or a close loving relationship. If you're seeing your own, there may be sickness and energy-loss waiting for you.

Eating one may mean you wish you consume or be consumed by a loved one.

If you feel one beating it can indicate nervousness and a warning, or perhaps you're fancying someone.

PS happy anniversary, babe!





Dream Symbol blueHi folks, and welcome to Dream Symbol Sunday, where we look at a different dream image – you guessed it – every Sunday. :-) Think your dreams are black and white? Go to bed tonight asking your subconscious to remember the colors in the morning. Today's symbol is blue. The color that represents truth, serenity, and intellect, but also distance and infinity.

If you're seeing blue water, the water probably represents your subconscious. In general, the darker the color, the deeper you're peaking.

Here's a quote from Dr. John Beebe, noted Jungian Analyst:

C.A. Meyers says that the type code is absolute. You can find it in two of Jung’s essays. One is a study in the process of individuation, and the other is concerning mandala symbolism, and there somewhere in the text, or in one case even in the footnotes you find this color code, and the color code is red for feeling, blue for thinking, green or brown for sensation, and yellow for intuition. Is this absolute? I rather like it. It does seem to work more of the time than not. I particularly like it when bad colors come up in dreams, for instance, a bad yellow. That always suggests to me that we are dealing with an inferior intuition rather than a superior. I suppose both number and color refer to extremely primal experiences. We all have the experience of numbers of things, we all have the experience of colors, and we are dealing here with extremely archetypal realities. The association of color with psychological type is a very, very puzzling thing. It seems to say that the types are not only particular, but they are extremely peculiar. We have extremely peculiar natures. Obviously a red shirt is not a yellow shirt. The character of the shirt is different, and a red wall is not a blue wall. It seems to me that when we use color symbolism to indicate type, there is an attempt to empathize the style of the consciousness, that the consciousness has a certain style, and has a certain overall impact and effect.