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Dream Symbol Birthday

birthday doodleDreaming of birthdays are generally thought to be a good omen for the future, particularly a long and healthy life. They can also signify a change, the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Birthday presents signify professional success, and the candle on your cake stands for moving from the old into the new.

So! I just got my first birthday hug by John Stamos. And if you'd like to know how common your birthday is, click here. :-)





3cupcakesHappy Birthday Expat Women, who turned three yesterday! Many happy returns! :-) Expat Women is helping women living overseas by sharing tips, tricks, success stories, and giving us a platform to come together and share our experiences. Many times, in order to help someone else acclimatize faster, sometimes it simply allows us to be heard.

I had the good fortune of meeting the founder, Andrea Martins, at last year's FIGT conference and am happy to extend my congratulations and best wishes for the not-too-terrible-but-thrilling-threes!

Cheers, Slainte and Salud!