How have you all been, darlings? Is it warm where you are? Have the clocks changed, and did you get used to the darker mornings and longer evenings? Do you have trees around you that seem to have grown new leaves overnight? 

Sleep and tidy

Where I come from, two things are usually associated with spring - tiredness, and cleaning. In my mind I'm seeing big bears waking up after their hibernation, stretching, yawning, and traipsing around in the woods in search for food. Grumpy and hungry. 

Do humans hibernate? I don't think so, but I recommend getting as much sleep as possible throughout the whole year. Because when you sleep, your subconscious has a chance to take over.

Dreaming has the power to provide us with the most adventurous and exciting trips in, or rather, out of this world. Also, it usually settles the mind and pushes creative ideas to the surface. Nobody functions when they're tired, people even die from staying awake too long. So if the desire to take a nap overcomes you and you have the possibility to lay down - it's ok to listen to your body and relax. You'll soon get used to spring and summer time, the longer days, the lighter days, and the outdoor-activities you can enjoy with family and friends.

What about spring cleaning though, where does that come from?

New beginnings. Out with the old, make space for new energy to flow and inspire. There's motivation flowing around for everybody to take a deep inhale - new flowers growing, birds and bees doing their thing with the pollen (sorry if you're allergic), the planet is waking up to another round of seasons.

Are you?

Image by Miika Niemela, flickr, Creative Commons License