Sex Ed Across Cultures and Types

CreativeMornings is a global, free, open to all, monthly breakfast lecture series. The theme this month is sex. If you haven't already, go visit your local chapter. In New York, we had the great pleasure (yes, pun) to hear Cindy Gallop, founder of If We Ran The World and Make Love Not Porn.

Her talk inspired me to start a survey - participate here (linked again below). 

Real-world sex is funny, messy, and responsible.
(We are) Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.
— Cindy Gallop

Not only is Cindy a compelling speaker, her message is affirming. Sexuality is as human, as natural as it gets - yet there's hardly any unembarrassed, unbiased, or transparent public debate about real-world sex.

She shared the struggles her company is going through (morality clauses make everything from financial backing to web hosting nearly impossible). She also shared her vision of a world where children and teenagers can learn about sex as they would about any other subject, and where adults can talk openly about their needs and desires, finding ways to make putting on condoms mid-passion seem sexy while embracing all the accompanying squishy-sweaty farting noises.

You'll be able to watch a recording of her creativemornings talk here, or view her TED talk, or her SXSW talk

Afterwards, I went up to her and asked about cultural differences. Growing up in Germany, I remember seeing naked women (fewer men though) on soap and shower gel ads - the body wasn't sexualized but shown as something you want to wash. In Cindy's experience, however, people of all nationalities have this in common:

Fear of what other people think is the most paralyzing thing - in business and in life.
— Cindy Gallop

Free and open as I always thought my mind was, I think she's right.

If I start blogging about sex, what will "they" say?

Well, "they" are you, so, this is where you come in: I'm curious, and have put together 15 questions (plus demographics) about how you learned about sex and sexuality. Please fill it out - completely anonymous - and share with your friends. Thanks! I'll post aggregated responses soon.