Sex and the Expat

Young couple frustrated in bedI'm putting the finishing touches on an eBook full of tips for the first few months of an expat assignment, stay tuned for details! To give you a taste, here's a paragraph on: Sexual Intimacy

Every couple’s routines are different, but when you notice an interruption in yours, don’t wait too long before you address it. Multiple factors influence a change in sexual appetite.

Try and develop an understanding for your partner’s experience. Everyone is adapting to cultures differently, and while you’re struggling to find a daily routine, your partner may be overwhelmed at work or vice versa.

Keeping a relationship alive and strong is difficult under the best of circumstances. International relocation takes stress and tension to a whole new level, so you have to communicate and discuss your needs and fears even more openly and pro-actively.

The two of you are a team, now more than ever. You’re in this together, and a fulfilling sex life will go a long way in affirming your commitment and improving resilience to tackle all the obstacles this assignment will throw at you. Make time for intimacy, schedule it if you have to, and spend quality time together. In and out of the bedroom.