Self Leadership

Self Leadership is a competency that goes beyond the ability to use your time efficiently.

It even goes beyond managing your job or career: the advantages of proper self leadership will make a difference to your whole life.

Prerequisites are

  • the knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses (as discussed here) and
  • the will to work on yourself.

It’s about defining your values, your goals, and achieving them in ways that work for you, while being ethically responsible.

Identifying your values will help you figure out whether you actually live and act according to them, and in which areas you need to adjust your behavior to reach a better sense of balance.

Having this balance, a.k.a. inner peace, will help you with your emotional stability, maintaining an optimistic outlook, and being respectful to yourself and others.

Leading yourself also means knowing, and respecting, your limits.

People with this competence are not only experts in their field but also emotionally intelligent.

They have great self-awareness and remain calm and optimistic even in stressful situations.

They are true to themselves and unafraid to defend their position, all the while respecting others. They are trustworthy, confident, committed, flexible, and possess great decision-making skills.

Self Leadership allows you to manage your time, abilities, and commitments in a way that improves your quality of life on your own initiative and responsibility. Managing to balance your self, i.e. your spirit, body, mind, heart and soul, is an important factor in achieving true happiness as well as a successful work and personal life.

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Image by Aussiegall, Flickr, Creative Commons License.