For the second time this year I have the great privilege and joy to travel the United States. This time, I've reached the far north-western beauty that is Seattle! Some might say the city's pearls are wasted on me (I don't like coffee, have little to do with information technology beyond consumer level interest, and wasn't even that much into grunge when it was in) but I'm having a whale of a time - just shy of actually being able to visit the magnificent creatures in their habitat in B.C. (Canada) due to my limited foresight and not bringing my passport.

My loving this trip in no short measure thanks to a) the dry climate (I don't mind the cold, you can put on a sweater for the cold, but rain? Rain is always dreary and depressing if you want to go outside and have to walk around in it.), b) comfortable shoes (I love walking around and downtown is very explorable on foot if you don't mind the odd hill), and c) my friend, who shall remain anonymous, but is a great pleasure to see, catch up, and have one of the locally brewed beers with. :-)

Since I'm on my way back to the Space Needle and exchange one of the T-Shirts I bought, let me leave you to your own endeavors of what I hope is a beautiful day with a couple of announcements: I'm working on a new website that should go live as soon as I'm able to figure out how to navigate my new web-hoster, and secondly, keep your eyes peeled for details of my next speaking engagement at the Families in Global Transition Conference. It's a great honor to be included in the ranks of participants, and I hope to see many of you international gallivanters there.

In case you've got some time to spare, I've been thoroughly enjoying Seth Godin's blog, especially this particular article here. He also has his new book available for audio-download on itunes; I hope to listen to it on my flight back to Texas. For now, do take care, count your blessings, and try something new!

Til next time, have a good one.