Open Your Heart

Creative Commons / lululemon athletica Today's exercise is Yoga.

I find it can speed up my heart rate the longer I have to hold a difficult pose, but it can also help to slow things down. Centering. Breathing. Relaxing. Enjoying. Relishing. Delighting in the strength and the point of sweet discomfort. Focusing and letting go at the same time.

After a workout on you might just find your body tired and your mind alert. Why not spend a few minutes in happy baby today?


Today's recipe is Simple Mexican.

Brown rice and a can or loose pre-soaked black and red beans, mixed in a pan with sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, and diced fresh peppers. Season with fresh cilantro, lemon juice, chipotle sauce and cumin, serve with avocado and baked tortilla chips. Muy bueno.

Let the feelings in

I'm writing this post while listening to the Coldplay Live 2012 film on netflix, the movie about their Mylo Xyloto tour and am just so touched by Chris Martin's words. Not just the songs' lyrics, but how he describes the joy of coming to work doing what he loves and the moment of togetherness they experience - the band, the roadies, the audience - that moment when the lights go down and the show is about to start.

Whatever your taste, take a moment to open your heart to your favorite piece of art. Maybe it's a song, a poem, a piece of writing, a painting. Can you feel the connection? Lean into the emotion. Can you feel how those men and women who have gone before us had to overcome their shares of daily struggles? Finding joy, hope, relief in their expressions? The exquisite stroke of a brush on canvas, a haunting melody, the most beautiful line of verse - taking our breaths away only to give us the kiss of life.

"Take the fire from my belly and the beat from my heart - still I won't let go. When you use your heart like a weapon, it hurts like heaven."