Nature and Nurture

Where Personality Type and Culture frameworks meet!

I am so honored to give a presentation to my local Association for Psychological Type chapter about the two topics closest to my heart: how our brains are wired (type) and how our environment influences our behavior (culture). If you're in Dallas on July 17th, why not come by? Please go to the Linked In Event page to register.

What do you think of the invitation video?

And what would have to happen for you to attend and love the presentation? What content would you expect, which questions would you want to have answered?

Since there has been interest expressed from Europe and New Zealand (hiya! :-)) I'll be preparing a webinar for those who can't attend in person. Let me know what you'd like to see covered, ok? That would really help my extraverted Feeling's aim to please. ;-)

Thanks so much and be well,