Monkeys in Your Brain

monkey found in brain new yorker april 5Today's New Yorker calendar cartoon reminded me of the extraverted Intuiting function for some reason. :-)

Ne, that glorious ability to jump from one thing to the next, connect the dots, opening up possibilities, recognizing patterns, and finding completely new applications and interpretations.

All types have Ne, but these four have it in their dominant and auxiliary (first and second) positions.





They are probably using Ne with some conscious energy, which means they're likely energized by it and can trust its results.



For ENFJs, Ne is in the 6th position. That's the Critical Parent archetype, and I've found that when someone comes up with well-intentioned ideas, especially about what I could be doing in my business, I hear that as criticism. Why haven't I done this already, and I should be doing that. It's hard to say a simple "Thanks I'll consider it", and forget about it move on.

While I just outed myself as not the best idea-taker, I've got plenty of my own to share. I guess the combination of Fe and Ni comes out as "here's what my vibe says you might want to consider". As a coach I try to keep my questions open-ended so the client may reach their own conclusions. I may have an Ni inkling, which I'll share only when invited, and then very carefully. As a trainer and mentor I can see lots of possibilities and new ways of doing things for my clients. NF: possibilities for people. Isn't that interesting?

How is Ne showing up for you?