Managing Your Career Transition with Type

Pic Credit: master isloated images

Pic Credit: master isloated images

Notes from Friday's Career Symposium with Carol Linden (US ENFP) from and Ann Holm (US ENFP) from at the Association for Psychological Type's International Conference.  

I’m not asking you to not be who you are, I’m just asking you to manage it better.
— Otto Kroeger

During a job search process, knowledge of Type can give you essential clues how to

  • Ace interviews
  • Take care of yourself during times of ambiguity

If you have preferences for Introversion, "selling yourself" may feel like a challenge. Remember

  • It ain't braggin' if it's true
  • Recognize that your strengths are unique to you
  • You can help the interviewer see and trust you, so they can hire the most qualified person for the position

All Types need to practice, practice, practice

  • Telling concise stories about your experience in context, highlighting actions, learnings, and results
  • Adapting to the interviewer's style in mock interviews

Losing your job or having to look for a new one when it wasn't your idea can be frustrating. Don't skip the grieving process, acknowledge what you're going through. Honor your preferences by doing what you would normally do, i.e.

  • Extraverts, don't shut yourself in at home - keep socializing and networking
  • Introverts, don't go out and overdo new group activities - keep networking relevant with one-on-one conversations and make time to reflect

Remember, if you're unemployed and stressed, so is your partner / spouse. 

Which tips would you add?