Loving your Heart

Today's exercise is LAUGHING! Out loud and hard! I think babies are pretty funny, so here's one with babies:

Or maybe Billy? He swears, and talks about hearts in this one. :-)

The recipe for today is going to be a mixed salad. Any green leafy vegetables you like (kale, arugula, iceberg), add peppers, cucumbers, saladtomatos, carrots, hearts of palm. Avocado for healthy fats, perhaps some sunflower seeds sprinkled on top, some baked or boiled potatoes* for starch, and steamed edamame in its shell for good measure.


How can you love your heart?

For someone with extraverted Feeling preferences, it's sometimes easier to love someone else's heart. Making excuses for them, forgiving them, understanding them, trying to please and appease them. Putting your own needs aside to keep the peace. Well, your feelings matter. Your heart's desire matters. The world needs you happy, sending good vibes to the universe. If you don't know what your heart's desire is, take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and feel into it. With a little practice listening, the little voice inside you will speak to you.


*these are actually "papas arrugadas", a specialty from my hubby's native Canary Islands. Boil the potatoes in a little water, drain it out when they're cooked, sprinkle generously with salt and cover with a towel until they get all wrinkly. The accompanying dip is called "mojo", and there are green (cilantro/parsley/herbs) and red (paprika) versions, both with lots of garlic and olive oil. Did I say Yum? Yum.