Let's meet at the APTi Conference in Miami Next Week!

APTi-conference-speakerI have been looking forward to this event since August 2011 - that's when the last APTi conference ended. :-) From July 10th to 14th, hundreds of personality type practitioners from all over the world will gather in Miami, FL to live, breathe, and discuss "Type in Action". Now, I know what you're thinking:

Conferences cost money, especially if you have to travel to get there and stay in hotels.

Why bother, when you can get a lot of the information a lot more comfortably online?

  1. Because of the people you meet,
  2. the new discoveries that are shared exclusively in that setting, and
  3. the aha-moments that can only take place over a cup of tea in between sessions, or over a glass of wine after a day of stimulating workshops.

I love going to conferences, because I always learn as much if not more from the attendees' comments and insights than I do from the speakers.

This time, I'm honored to be providing one of those learning spaces in my session on When Type Doesn't Explain Everything - How to Work With International Clients.

Among other things, we'll be talking about some of the findings of my own research into how personality type influences cultural adaptation in expats. To give you a taste, here's a profile of one person I interviewed.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 5.57.02 PM

Do you have an international experience? What was it like?