Introverting and Extraverting Functions

lotus doodleContinuing on from yesterday, Introversion and Extraversion are only pieces of the puzzle in that they inform how we use the four functions: Sensing, Intuiting, Thinking, and Feeling.

And guess what (again): Everybody USES all of these, but with different levels of expertise.

For balance, all of us use some processes on the inside or introvertedly, and some on the outside or extravertedly. (Those probably aren't even words. See how desperate I am?)

You use Introverted Sensing when reviewing past experiences and memories.

You use Extraverted Sensing when experiencing the current environment, noticing opportunities for action.

You use Introverted Intuiting when you're foreseeing what will be, like a flash of insight or a vision.

You use Extraverted Intuiting when you're interpreting ideas and options, finding patterns and themes.

You use Introverted Thinking when you're analyzing an issue precisely.

You use Extraverted Thinking when you're segmenting, organizing something systematically.

You use Introverted Feeling when you're valuing something, liking or disliking it.

You use Extraverted Feeling when you're connecting, considering other people's needs or society's values.

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