Introverted Intuiting Ni

Ni doodle You are using introverted Intuiting or Ni when you're envisioning the future. You may experience flashes of insight and just knowing what's going to happen. Those images come from inside, you may not know how you know, but you know. You have a certainty about their truth and validity. According to Jung, this is when you're tapping into the collective unconscious and make good use of universal symbols.

In a recent webinar, Linda guided us through a little meditation: close your eyes and think of a small problem you have. Not a big one, just a little thing. See it there in front of you. Now take yourself up to the 10,000 feet perspective and see the solution to your small issue appear. Maybe it'll arrive through a door, maybe you put your question in an envelope, send it away, and another envelope comes back to you with the answer in it. That's Ni. It's hard to make it happen, but when you let go of a tight control grip, disengage, it might come more easily.

INTJ INFJFor people with Ni as their dominant function, they cannot ignore these insights. They are likely to see how events will play out and then work backwards to make it happen, or take corrective measures.

Expats preparing for an assignment using Ni are likely to trust their vision of what it is going to be like abroad, anticipating potential challenges. Since an international relocation is a very uncertain process with many variables, this may lead to stress and anxiety. It is helpful here to be self-aware and recognize when an image is coming out of a place of fear or of abundance. Allow yourself some rest away from outside influences to help the flow from that inner voice.

If Ni is in different positions in your type dynamics, below is an overview pieced together with only a few items taken from Understanding Yourself and Others, An Introduction to the Personality Type Code, by Linda V. Berens and Dario Nardi. Let me say this again to be very clear: the description of how Ni can be expressed in the different positions is not exhaustive and only meant to give you an overview. I would love to have you comment below how it shows up for you.

Introverted Intuiting Ni

If you'd like to practice your Ni skills, meditate. Or pray. Take time to be still, put some earplugs in, turn off the TV, the laptop, put the phone on mute - no vibrate. And listen. Keep track of insights you've had that worked out the way you thought they would to help train your brain trust those intuitions.