How do you know if you're In-Charge™?

One of my favorite exercises in every workshop I facilitate is where participants get to share their unique viewpoint on their own preferences - what their strengths are, what their challenges are, how to best work with them, and how they're often misunderstood. During a recent workshop on Interaction Styles, here's what came out for the In-Charge™ style:


  • We get things done.


  • Working with others
  • Push past people
  • Not getting buy-in

How to work with us:

  • Get to the point
  • Don't waste my time
  • Must have action / result

Common misconception:

  • We're pushy, impersonal, and unemotional

This group of In-Charge™ leaders received feedback from their colleagues in the form of appreciation of their strengths, and the advantages they bring to the team: results, direction, and an attention to timely delivery. We were also able to clarify that making a decision quickly does not mean that decision will have to stand forever; rather, new decisions can be made if and when new information comes to light.

To help you clarify if this may be your Interaction Style preference, or that of someone you live or work with, here's the In-Charge™ pattern description taken from Dr. Berens' book:

The theme is getting things accomplished through people. People of this style are focused on results, often taking action quickly. They often have a driving energy with an intention to lead a group to the goal. They make decisions quickly to keep themselves and others on task, on target, and on time. They hate wasting time and having to back-track. Mentoring, executing actions, supervising, and mobilizing resources are all ways they get things accomplished. They notice right away what is not working in a situation and become painfully aware of what needs to be fixed, healed, or corrected.