How often do ENFJs change jobs?

I've recently posted a quick poll on the LinkedIn ENFJ forum about how often ENFJs change jobs in the past, and here's the response:

ENFJ change jobs poll

Here's what one person commented:

I have worked my way from engineering technologist to sales tax recovery to ISO 9000 quality control development/consultant and now finally to Facilitator/Trainer especially focused on developing team and personal dynamics using the MBTI. I must admit that was a long way around to get to the spot that fits me most out of all the previous jobs. Thank you for asking the question. It is good to contemplate this.

This reminded me of my own journey over the last almost 20 years. Started out as a Foreign Language Secretary, because that's "something with languages", and seemed like the best move at the time. I liked people, chatting, and English so much, what could be better? Did I know at 19 what it was that I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing? Hell no. Finding myself was, is, an exercise of trial and error.

Executive Assistant combined many things, but I could never really be myself. One boss actually recommended I not be so nice with everyone. Interesting perspective, and totally true as it turns out.

So I studied HR and found a job in recruitment. What I learned there didn't feel right either. Having to look at candidates through a potential commission lens was not my cup of tea. I did all of six months before I was let go.

Today, I'm happy as a cross-cultural trainer and type facilitator. I love reading, learning, training, coaching, researching, and whaddayaknow, doing all of it in English.

The red thread of communication, languages, and people-service was always there. Still, is this what I'll be doing another 20 years from now?

Who knows! People change. We grow. Experiences make us richer. The world will be a different place in 2033, and perhaps everyone will have a babel-fish in their ear, like Douglas Adams suggests in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Everyone might be able to better understand one another. Perhaps everyone will receive mandatory type and positive psychology classes in Kindergarten, growing up with effective stress, change, and conflict management tools. Then there'll be no more need for my line of work, because everybody's already happy and prosperous.

Now there's a thought. :-)