It's the season to be thankful, and I'm sitting here lazying about after a big meal of hot dogs with pickles and dried fried onions, baked crisps, and coke zero, thinking about what to write. The year is drawing to a close, and it might be time to take a little inventory, see what's been accomplished and which goals will be deferred to 2009. I usually try to keep this blog more professional than personal, but hope you won't mind taking a wee trip down memory lane with me today.

One assignment of my coaching studies last year was to formulate a plan for personal, professional, fitness, and spiritual goals for 2008. I'm glad to say, I've accomplished most of them. I was thinking about getting a dog, but only once we had a proper yard to let it run in. We had planned to move into a house this year, which we didn't, so we're still quite happy renting sans canine. I had also wanted to travel to Europe this year, but I couldn't, due to Visa complications. And you know what? I actually look forward to all these goals keeping me company for another 12 months or so.

What I did accomplish in 2008 is keeping in touch with friends and family, starting my own business, and losing 30 pounds, thankyouverymuch. Finally, finally, "losing weight" will not be on my list of new year's resolutions for 2009, which means I've freed up concentration, motivation, and energy for other things! Can you imagine how good that feels? :-)

Hey, ok, back to business - why only "imagine", why not do it yourself? I invite you this week to take a look back down your own memory lane and acknowledge everything that went well for you this year. People you met, who touched you, whom you've left a positive impression on, projects you've finalized and initiated, flowers you picked, loved ones you kissed, babies you held, relationships you built, connections you forged, prizes you won, accolades you earned, lessons you learned... all that good stuff. I promise, it's a nice road and it might even bring one or t'other smile to your face! Go on, make a list, write it all down, and remind yourself of what you've achieved in case there comes a moment when you feel small and melancholy. The upcoming holiday season has been known to have that effect sometimes, and if it does, you'll be prepared!

If you would like to find out more about how I achieved my goals, which baby-steps had to happen in between the many, many "ugh"s and the occasional "yeay!"s, drop me a line. In fact, I think I might dedicate the posts over the next couple of weeks to goaling effectively, how's that? Get your new year's projects off to a great start. 

Til next time, thank you for sticking around!

Image by Matt Champlin, Flickr, Creative Commons License.