ENFJ and Graphology

ENFJENFJs are often described as gracious, imaginative, congenial, energetic, idealistic, supportive, and curious. Their dominant function is extraverted Feeling Fe (aka harmonizing) supported by introverted Intuiting Ni (knowing). We had two ENFJs in the room, both Gemini (!), and I was one of them.

Apparently, many ENFJs enjoy writing with a pencil or a light ballpoint. The writing instrument will give you information about the person as well, and in this case ENFJs like to apply only little pressure. Full lower loops in the g's and j's indicate a sociability. If letters are connected and the writing is fluid, that's an indication for making connections with other people.

My sample showed a slightly larger letter size and a script that was not overly right-slanting. In fact, my slant and writing in general was very variable, indicating changeability and chameleon-like qualities. This really resonated because I tend to be who I think the person / client / situation needs me to be. At the same time, the sample showed original thought, creativity, and healthy word spacing.

Many of my letters have straight lower lines instead of lower loops. The straight line, e.g. in the y's indicate that it's ok to be alone, and in fact I enjoy being alone. That resonated, too.

Both our samples showed clear communication in that our capital letters don't have much of a preamble or lead-in stroke. We basically start our conversations like we start our letters: jumping right in.

I hope you've enjoyed the little excursion into graphology this week! I had a great time at the meeting, and if you're open to programs that examine Jung's Type and the MBTI(r) and all their correlations and applications, I invite you to check out your local Association for Psychological Type Chapter. Some of us advertise in meetup groups as well. Either way - join the conversation!