Dream Symbol Movie

Pic Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Pic Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Watching a movie indicates you're preparing a new reality for yourself. It may also be a sign you're ready for more change, entertainment, or drama in your life.  

Going to the cinema shows you a piece of your life's movie, as a reflection of where you are at the moment. Are you wandering around in the dark trying to find your seat? Are you staying for the whole feature presentation, or leaving before the end is revealed? 

"Attending the theatre (which is an imitation of real life) is a popular way of evading an active part in life's drama. The spectator can identify with the play, yet continue to pander to his fantasies. This kind of identification permitted the Greeks to experience catharsis, much as the psycho-drama initiated by the American Psychiatrist J. L. Moreno is now used as a therapeutic aid."

- Jolande Jacobi, Man and His Symbols, p.334)