Dream Symbol Boats

20130525-162406.jpgHow are you navigating your life?

The boat is a symbol for your personality. It's a sign you're moving into a new (mental) direction. Change is ahead.

If there's no wind in your sails, you may just have to wait it out. If there's a storm coming, expect obstacles to your plans.

Submarines indicate depth of feeling. Are you perhaps paying more attention to your unconscious (depths) than your spiritual (heights)?

Questions to consider:

  • Is your boat big and safe or small and leaky?
  • Does it follow pre-designed routes (like a ferry) or is it roaming freely?
  • Are the seas rushing, big waves rolling, or are you on a quiet lake?
  • How deep is the water? What color does it have?

Most importantly, who is the captain?

The captain is often a father-figure, mentor, or role model. Someone you're trying to emulate or impress, perhaps you've handed your reigns over to them? If you are the captain, you are steering your course. It's a sign of confidence, either already attained or desired.