Dream symbol Bath

Pic credit: Erica Nicol, flickr

Pic credit: Erica Nicol, flickr

Bathing or bathrooms generally point towards your psychic and mental arenas. They may indicate a cleansing, both physical and emotional. 

What condition is the room in? 

How about the water? 

Are you on your own or sharing the bath with someone?  

For the sake of mental stability and even physiological health, the unconscious and the conscious must be integrally connected and thus move on parallel lines. If they are split apart or "dissociated," psychological disturbance follows. In this respect, dream symbols are the essential message carriers from the instinctive to the rational parts of the human mind, and their interpretation enriches the poverty of consciousness so that it learns to understand again the forgotten language of the instincts.  - Carl Jung, Approaching the Unconscious (from: Man and his Symbols)