Dare to Dream

20121224-202228.jpg I'm already looking forward to Elizabeth Murphy's presentation at the Dallas Chapter of the Association for Psychological Type at the end of the month. She's famous for her work with kids and families, having co-developed an indicator you can use with your children 8 years and up. Here's more info on the MMTIC.

From her last talk I remember her saying that kids with Sensing preferences tend to use the colors that would correspond to what they've seen in the real world. As in, a purple sun or a green cloud would probably not be on the books. Kids with Intuiting preferences, on the other hand, might be more open to using various shades.

I've been asking myself if growing up and living in the real world with bills and stuff has stifled my options a bit. Maybe it's time to explore the whole gamut again!

What would you do if you could create your life?