Change Quicker - Lesson from the Movies

Andy Dufresne, wrongfully imprisoned for murdering his wife and her lover, wants to build a library. He writes a letter a week to the State, asking for funds for his project. After two years, he receives a check for $200 and a note basically asking him to shut up  and go away. He smiles, vows to now write two letters a week instead of one, and soon receives enough books and funds to build his library. This is a scene from Stephen King's novel and subsequent movie, The Shawshank Redemption, of course.

Lesson: if you want things to change quicker, do more.

Trying to graduate sooner? Read more.

Trying to get more blog readers? Write more.

Trying to lose weight faster? Exercise more.

Trying to publish your novel for Easter? Edit more.

Which of your efforts can you duplicate or significantly increase that will take you to your goal, quicker?