Dream Symbol blueHi folks, and welcome to Dream Symbol Sunday, where we look at a different dream image – you guessed it – every Sunday. :-) Think your dreams are black and white? Go to bed tonight asking your subconscious to remember the colors in the morning. Today's symbol is blue. The color that represents truth, serenity, and intellect, but also distance and infinity.

If you're seeing blue water, the water probably represents your subconscious. In general, the darker the color, the deeper you're peaking.

Here's a quote from Dr. John Beebe, noted Jungian Analyst:

C.A. Meyers says that the type code is absolute. You can find it in two of Jung’s essays. One is a study in the process of individuation, and the other is concerning mandala symbolism, and there somewhere in the text, or in one case even in the footnotes you find this color code, and the color code is red for feeling, blue for thinking, green or brown for sensation, and yellow for intuition. Is this absolute? I rather like it. It does seem to work more of the time than not. I particularly like it when bad colors come up in dreams, for instance, a bad yellow. That always suggests to me that we are dealing with an inferior intuition rather than a superior. I suppose both number and color refer to extremely primal experiences. We all have the experience of numbers of things, we all have the experience of colors, and we are dealing here with extremely archetypal realities. The association of color with psychological type is a very, very puzzling thing. It seems to say that the types are not only particular, but they are extremely peculiar. We have extremely peculiar natures. Obviously a red shirt is not a yellow shirt. The character of the shirt is different, and a red wall is not a blue wall. It seems to me that when we use color symbolism to indicate type, there is an attempt to empathize the style of the consciousness, that the consciousness has a certain style, and has a certain overall impact and effect.