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Linda V. Berens, Ph.D., is an author, organizational consultant, and leading edge type theorist. She teaches Integral Type using multiple models to help people arrive at their best-fit type.

Using her CORE approach allows me to make Type differences come alive in presentations and workshops. Participants learn about their cognitive preferences, outlook on life, underlying motivation and beliefs, as well as behavioral and energy patterns.

C - Cognition

Carl Jung's personality type theory provides explanations for how we use our brain. He identified eight different functions about where our mental energy flows, how we take in and process information, and how we make decisions. His model provides key insights into self-awareness.

O - Outlook

The outlook lens offers insights into how your context and life conditions influence who you’ve always been, who you are now, and potential future development.

R - Roots

Temperament theory explains "why" we do what we do. It explores our motivations, beliefs, sources of psychological stress, innate talents, core needs and values.

E - Expression

Interaction Style theory explains "how" we do what we do. It explores our energy patterns, potential sources of interpersonal conflict, and interactional dynamics.

(adapted from with permission.)

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