Working from Behind-the-Scenes™

One of my favorite exercises in every workshop I facilitate is where participants get to share their unique viewpoint on their own preferences - what their strengths are, what their challenges are, how to best work with them, and how they're often misunderstood. During a recent workshop on Interaction Styles, here's what came out for the Behind-the-Scenes™ style:


  • Consensus with good result


  • Many ideas
  • How to reconcile different views

How to work with us:

  • Communicate with Us
  • Listening but may not use input
  • Be patient

Common misconception:

  • We do not get the results needed

This group of Behind-the-Scenes™ leaders received feedback from their colleagues in the form of appreciation of their strengths, and the advantages they bring to the team: quality, considering unusual sources of input, and making connections where others may not. We were also able to clarify that their decision-making style is consultative, i.e. we'll listen but may not use your input.

To help you clarify if this may be your Interaction Style preference, or that of someone you live or work with, here's the Behind-the-Scenes™ pattern description taken from Dr. Berens' book:

The theme is getting the best result possible. People of this style focus on understanding and working with the process to create a positive outcome. They see value in many contributions and consult outside inputs to make an informed decision. They aim to integrate various information sources and accommodate differing points of view. They approach others with a quiet, calm style that may not show their strong convictions. Producing, sustaining, defining and clarifying are all ways they support a group’s process. They typically have more patience than most with the time it takes to gain support through consensus for a project or to refine the result.


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