One year ago today I published the first post on this blog. That calls for a little review, doesn't it?

It all started out with the idea to write and collect thoughts on topics around themes I find interesting, most notably coaching, self-help, psychology, relationships, spirituality, self-esteem, personality type, managing change, leadership competencies, learning, and communication. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to discuss, I'm open for suggestions. :-) I made a commitment to publish a new post every weekend, and I'm happy to say that I've kept that promise. In this way, readers know when to check back for new articles (although I realize that in times of the RSS feed this may be superfluous, but still...) and it keeps me accountable.

I've enjoyed sharing all of the posts with you, and I hope you liked reading them. Some were true labors of love, others came more naturally and easily, most were autobiographical in that they dealt with topics I was discovering at the time. If they've helped you out a bit because you could relate and found you weren't alone, that's great, too. In any case, I'm feeling like I'm coming more and more into my own, and at this point in time that means there'll be posts dealing with international themes and Expats coming your way.  Please check out the new pages I have added called Expat Coaching (that's the tab on the top of the page), containing information for private individuals interested in moving abroad, expat employees and expat employers.

I won't abandon the other topics though, because you know by now that I'm a true Gemini - interested in anything and everything, especially if it has to do with people. :-)

Thank you, readers, for sticking around, thank you Susabell for the royalty-free pic; til next time!