A Dog's Life

Puppies! Yay Google Images. :-)

Puppies! Yay Google Images. :-)

Here's something you may have seen on Facebook: 

A 6-year-old's explanation why dogs don't live as long as humans:

 "We're on earth to learn how to live a good life, how to love others, and how to be good, right? Well, since dogs already know how to do all that, they don't need to stay down here as long as we do."

In other words, if you lived a dog's life, you'd learn to:

  1. When your loved ones come home, always run to greet them
  2. Never pass a chance to go for a walk
  3. Let fresh air and wind in your face always be an ecstatic sensation
  4. Take naps
  5. Stretch before getting up
  6. Run and play every day
  7. Improve your attention-paying and let people touch you
  8. Avoid biting when a little growl will do
  9. On hot days, lie on your back, arms and legs wide out-stretched
  10. On hot days, drink lots of water and rest in the shade of a nice big tree
  11. When you're happy, dance around and move your whole body
  12. Lose yourself in the simple joy of a long walk
  13. Be loyal
  14. Don't pretend to be something you're not
  15. If the thing you want is buried, dig until you find and get it out
  16. When someone's having a bad day, be still, sit near, and let them feel you're there


Anything you'd like to add?