A Crash-Course on Creativity

Still screenshot from the video - a different way to look at creativity We've talked about how people with different type preferences approach creativity before, and I'm really looking forward to seeing David Goldstein again at this year's APTi Conference to hear his thoughts on the topic.

What I wanted to invite you to think about today is this:

What would the book cover of your autobiography look like? 

Design a cover, and write a 200-word bio / synopsis.

That, my friends, is the first assignment in the Stanford-sponsored Crash Course on Creativity.

Lead by Tina Seelig, neurophysiologist, she wrote "inGenius"* and gave a TED talk, in case you prefer the visual. In this video, you'll see an assignment she posed to students around the world ("Make something valuable out of stuff that's been thrown away. You have 2 hours.") and different country's responses. She also explains the difference between a "puzzle builder" and "quilt makers". You guessed it - one needs all pieces to fit to make one picture, the other leverages available resources to create something fascinating.

Culture is like the background music of any community.

Is the culture in your family, your organization, your team encouraging you to create puzzles, or quilts?

*(affiliate link)