German Pension System

Greetings fellow expats! As you might know, I'm on file as "agony aunt" over at I usually receive questions regarding immigration, which I cannot answer because I'm not a lawyer. This week's question was only slightly different, but I did find some more sources of information you might find helpful. When working in Germany, you and your company are jointly paying into your pension fund. The current rate is at 19.5 %, and both employers and employees pay 50 % each. To find out more about how long you have to pay in to become eligible to receive a German pension, what age you can start claiming it, and how circumstances change e.g. if you get divorced or move abroad, please peruse these links (at your own peril!):

An article with general information on German pension system

Basic facts on the German retirement system

Expat's Guide to the German Pension System

Pensions and divorce (in German)

German pension and international FAQ (in German)

Please share your own sources / experiences in the comments below!

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