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Global Executive Coaching

Leadership Development and Team Building across Cultures


Global Executive Coaching

Leadership Development and Team Building across Cultures

Global Leaders overcome complex challenges every day

You're working in a global company and with international team members located all over the world. Finding a time that suits everyone to hold conference calls is a challenge. You know there are barriers to effectiveness by the way your team is communicating:

  • some colleagues don't speak up and contribute at all,
  • some love to argue and debate every point without moving forward,
  • some agree with everything and then go ahead and do the complete opposite.

Your leaders are asking for progress reports and you're beginning to doubt your team will be able to meet performance goals, let alone deadlines. 

Stop throwing random darts at the wall hoping that one will hit the target.


Over the last 5 years I have worked with expats (leaders who are sent abroad to support their company's international operations) and international teams from all over the world. They all had these things in common:

  • Dedication to their work
  • Commitment to their goals
  • Desire to avoid causing cultural offense 
  • Desire to create trust and mutually beneficial relationships

Still they encountered multiple challenges:

  • Frustration due to ineffective meetings
  • Struggles due to misunderstandings
  • Overwhelm in the face of conflict, talent management, and poor performance


Because they were operating from the "Golden Rule: Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated."

They didn't know that "dedication to work", "commitment to goals", "desire to avoid conflict", and "creating trust" has VERY different meanings and motivations depending on where you're from, and how your brain is wired. They didn't understand the cultural, personality type, neurological, and emotional factors that influence their own and their team members' daily interactions and behaviors.

They didn't know that in international teams, the Golden Rule doesn't work.

Instead, they had to learn the Platinum Rule: Treat Others the Way THEY Want to be Treated.

Creating an awareness of what makes everyone tick opened up new strategies to

  • leverage the cultural differences on the teams,
  • find more creative solutions to solve existing problems, and
  • become more effective. 


The coaching process I propose is comprehensive and customized to your situation. During our free consultation you'll describe your team, current challenges, and goals. Together, we will design a roadmap with clear markers to help recognize that we're continually on the right track. 

Coaching with me means

  • Undivided attention focused on your agenda - you're behind the wheel, I point out highlights along the route
  • Friendly and persistent accountability - you can complain to your heart's content, I will keep reminding you of solutions and strategies
  • In-person meetings in Manhattan, or face-to-face meetings via Skype / Google Hangout
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions


Coaching is not yet a defined profession, so there are many people out there who call themselves Coach without proper training.

I was accredited by a German institute in coaching, I hold a BA in Human Resources Management, I'm an MBTI® Master Practitioner, certified in the Berens CORE™ Approach and the Neuroscience of Personality. I've lived in five countries over the past 20 years, and have work experience in corporate Germany, UK, Spain, and America. I've also started my own business and sub-contract with global service providers. I love to read books and blogs in a variety of fields, and when you coach with me you can pick my brains whichever way you like. I'm happy to share what I know and introduce you to my network. 

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About Me


About Me

Born and raised in Germany, I soon decided the world's too big not to be seen. I loved living in Scotland, England, and Spain. I worked, studied, and had an allround great time. 

Until I met my husband, bless him.

After a year in the Canary Islands, his career moved us to Mexico. All of a sudden I was a "trailing spouse" without a purpose or a work permit.

Good bye Europe, hello identity crisis.

It took months of coaching, learning about cultural differences, and personality type to figure out what happened and how to avoid similar challenges in the future.

Hubby and I are happy to report: our transition into the USA was a complete success.

Professional Background

I founded Building the Life You Want ("...wherever you are") to do my piece and try to make the world a happier place, one person at a time.

It started out as helping other accompanying partners feel at home abroad, faster. Over time, this has developed into a more holistic passion for human understanding, personal and professional development, and an appreciation of diversity.

I am an accredited personal coach, an experienced culture trainer, an MBTI® Master Practitioner, and hold certifications in the Neuroscience of Type, the Berens CORE™ Approach, and a BA in HR Management.

Since 2009, I have worked with small business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as middle- and higher level managers in the oil, telecommunication, insurance, consumer products, manufacturing, and biotech industries.

  • Accelerating their adaptation and effectiveness at work and at home for expats and their spouses in over 40 culture trainings 
  • Raising awareness about cultural differences, enhancing team building, and effective communication in over 8 multi-country group workshops with corporate and non-profit clients like The DO School
  • Debriefing 60+ individual MBTI® results, in service of career transition, relationship building, and conflict management
  • Facilitating more than a dozen Type workshops, focusing on e.g. team work, communication, and project management
  • Working on work-life balance issues, entrepreneurship, passion, and creativity with over 15 happy coaching clients in over 100 hours, 

I have also

You can view testimonials and endorsements on my LinkedIn profile

You don't have to be an expat to work with me!

Sounds corny, but I love people, and I love my job. I’d love for everyone to get along and be happy. Whatever that means for you. If you’re not happy, talk to someone and figure things out. Or if talking’s not your thing, read about other people’s experiences and learn through reflection. Whatever works best, just give it a go. 


This is your life we're talking about,

not only a career, or a relationship. Building the LIFE you want is a continous process of looking at all the various components. It's not done until you're done. You'll be given the same lesson over and over again until you get it. 

It's not enough to read one book. 

It's not enough to eat well for one day. 

It's not enough to be nice for one day. 

It's not enough to be motivated for one day.

It's not enough to think positively for one day. 

Learning, growing, developing, being healthy, enjoying loving relationships, having fun with your career, taking care of yourself - all these areas make up your life and need ongoing attention. My clients are healthy, motivated, inspiring people who invest in accountability, reflection, and support while they're going after the one (or more) things they want. I love working with my coaching clients while they're building their life. It's a precious and humbling privilege to be part of their journeys. 

What else would you like to know?

I like pub quizzes, cider, reading, yoga, movies, anything with a Scottish or Irish accent, sleeping, music, swearing, comedians, brain-stuff, Toastmasters, pizza, equality, and freedom. Our families think we’re nuts because hubby and I follow the whole foods plant-based diet, or healthy vegan for short. And if we ever eat together, there's a good chance I'll take a picture of the food.

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Legal Notices


Legal Notices

Coaching is a professional relationship between two parties entering into an agreement in good faith. Coaching provides accountability and a safe, encouraging environment to practice behaviors on the way to reaching a goal. Results cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, coaching cannot substitute and is NOT therapy. As my client you indemnify me and hold me harmless, and you understand that you are the sole responsible for your actions, as well as your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

I will treat your information with utmost confidentiality unless required to disclose it by law. If we coach online, I cannot be held responsible for data being retrieved through unauthorized hackers.

Photos are my own, or open source / public domain on,, or courtesy of various artists published on,, and

Image: Scales of Justice - Frankfurt Version by Michael Coghlan on flickr under Creative Commons license